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  • IMPROVED TORCH AIR FLOW - More efficient use of air supply. Improved metal removal.
  • FOUR HOLE HEAD ASSEMBLY - Optimizes air flow to the arc. Efficiently cleans slag from groove edge.
  • AIR ASSIST POSITIVE AIR SHUT-OFF - Minimizes air supply unit cycling on and off. Allows torch usage when air supply is marginal.
  • IMPROVED CABLE ELECTRICAL CONDUCTION - Improves cable service life. Decreases heat build up in cable and torch.
  • SUPERIOR OUTER CABLE COVER - Durable cover for improved cable life in a harsh environment. Resists breakdown due to exposure to heat produced by gouging.
  • INSULATED CONNECTION BOOT & HOOK-UP KIT - Makes for easy torch hook-up. Virtually eliminates the possibility of arcing when contacting electrically hot parts.


AED 500 AED 580
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